About Jo

My belief that weddings ceremonies are a time for deliberate intention setting underpins everything I do as a celebrant.

There is so much ‘noise’ surrounding weddings at the moment, which can add so much stress to a time that could be full of joy, expansion & deepening connection. Rewarding long-term partnerships can take so much conscious effort at times. What if we made the lead up to your marriage a time to pause, reflect and get to know & appreciate each other even more intimately instead?

The process of crafting your ceremony with me will be collaborative, fun & interesting which translates to an engaging wedding ceremony (no ‘cookie-cutters’ here). Your appreciation for each other, your beliefs & personalities will shine through and your guests will feel included and connected to you both.
Totally stuck for ideas? Never fear, you will be guided in a flexible, open and non- judgemental way while we create your ceremony.

I’ve been described as earthy & intuitive, warm & vibrant, joyful & free flowing with honest charm, and I fully encourage you to be as quirky as you need to fully express yourself, celebrate your love and set the foundation for your married life. I am not here to dictate what should feel right and natural to you. I am here to encourage and remind you to stay true to who you are – to make conscious and deliberate decisions to get you to your end goal -of being in a marriage… conscious, joyful marriage.

As the Isley Brothers sang- “it’s your thing, do what you wanna do”

Let’s be real, let’s honour your love, let’s give it the respect it deserves-
because your love is a BIG deal….


“Jo, you really are the best. Really, you’re the best! Thank-you for the amazing effort you put into our ceremony. We really can’t thank you enough. Thank you for allowing us to have an awe-inspiring, and truly memorable focal point for our wedding.
We got so much great feedback about the ceremony, and how heartfelt and personal it was. We really had you to thank for that. Thank you for not only allowing us, but actually encouraging us, to be ourselves.
I know you probably get this a lot, but you are fantastically talented, and really, really good at what you do. Your ceremonies are unique to every couple, and hand-crafted for every occasion. There was no feeling of cookie-cutter scripts, or recycled sentiment during our ceremony. In the wedding world, the agendas of involved family members and friends, and implied social traditions, can be so prevalent that individualism can be somewhat squashed or discouraged. In every meeting with you, you reminded Tony and I why it was so important for us to put as much of ourselves into the ceremony as we did, and why it was vital that we share this with each other. On top of all of this, your professionalism and knowledge was incomparable. Not once did we have to worry about the “formal” stuff that comes along with getting married. You took care of all of this for us, which was a huge weight off our shoulders.
On top of all of this, you looked fantastic!
Thanks again for marrying us, and sharing your fantastic talents with us. You’re truly remarkable, and we can’t thank you enough for being so complete awesome at what you do! “

Jess & Tony

“Thank you so much for everything. We absolutely loved having you as part of our day. People kept telling us how cool you were and how refreshing it was to have such a lovely celebrant. We’ll keep singing your praises to anyone who asks.”

Katie & Ben

“You give off a totally relaxed vibe that’s contagious. We’d both be stressed about the wedding
planning in general before chatting with you and then come away feeling strangely relaxed about it all.
Same with before/during the ceremony.
You were very professional and easy to deal with throughout the entire process and we
couldn’t have been happier with how the ceremony turned out. It was brilliant.”

Chris & Angela

“The ceremony could not have been better. Your interpretation of what we wanted was spot on and it truly was a relaxed and informal ceremony where everyone was involved and understood the WHY for Nigel and I to get married.
You dealt with the cheekiness of the kids beautifully and it was awesome having them all included. Thank you for your patience, understanding, talent and your way with words.
It was an amazing day and you are a bloody legend!”

Kelly & Nigel