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Let’s Do The Time Warp…AGAIN….

I got VERY excited when Khrys & Daniel told me they were getting married at a fun park & had plans to do the TIME WARP at the end of their ceremony with ALL of their wedding party…and expected me to ask their guests to join in.

Khrys wore a black wedding dress, as did her Bridesmaids. The groomsmen all wore Pirate T-shirts. After the ceremony they had fun in the fun park.

Their wedding was their expression of themselves and their love and it was wonderful to be part of it.


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Bonnie & Luke… Continue Reading

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This gorgeous couple asked their guests to bring a heart to their Wedding Ceremony….see what they did with them…..… Continue Reading

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I'm in a wonderful little laboratory called Marriage

Hedy constantly reminds me & inspires me in my relationships…she is a beautiful & graceful teacher.

She says “We don’t get married for peace & harmony.

We get married for growth, expansion, transformation….

Your partner is your ally in your completion”

This means the road can be rocky-it sure has been for us at times…our partners are our sacred teachers…..I’m so grateful for the growth & transformation my husband has stimulated in me.

Here she is on youtube:

I”m getting married-what should I know?


for more information- Marriage Celebrant Sunshine Coast… Continue Reading

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Super Secret Elopment – Sunrise Beach, Noosa

Our tiny & excited wedding party traipsed down the beach & up slippery, rocky paths to the ceremony site over looking to wild ocean. Their beloved dog was the ring master for the day.

Here’s some of what I said during the ceremony: (names deleted to respect the couples privacy)

“L, R adores your loving sway and romantic nature.  He is honored that you have proudly presented him to your family. He loves that you are supportive, excitable, organized and attentive.  He is besotted by your beauty and beguiled by your sexiness.  He says he’s never met anyone so sweet … Continue Reading

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Fit for a King


10 years ago my (then) Boyfriend proposed to me on our walk back from King Island after a sunset picnic.

A year later, we sadly scattered my mother in law’s ashes at King Island – her Maiden name was King.

9 years later, on the anniversary of our Marriage celebration I married Candice & Wade at King Island.

I was so delighted to be back there; at a place so dear to my heart, in such a serendipitous way.

Their very closest family members walked out along the sand bar to the Island for the short, sweet & heartfelt … Continue Reading

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I went on another date with my gorgeous son today as part of his “Starting School Celebrations”. He is a musical soul and was such a delight to see him bopping and tapping his toes to the delightful musical numbers in The Muppet Movie. (can I not mention that I cried when Kermit got his banjo out & sang “The Rainbow Connection” ? I have so many happy childhood memories attached to The Muppets)….

Life’s a Happy song….yes it is!!!!

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We got married barefoot on the beach surrounded by a very small group of our closest family & friends.

We asked each guest to bring some words of wisdom to share as part of the ceremony (& we could later take them home & keep them in a special box-more details on that later)

My best friend’s gorgeous & articulate husband joked that he would bring his words of wisdom on a frisbee and we could throw it around after the ceremony. I of course dared him to, not really sure if he’d have the gall to do it. True … Continue Reading

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I LOVE this article ..this is a gal with her head firmly, realistically on her shoulders and not in the clouds.
This got me thinking about my own wedding(s).
During the (do-your-own-not-one-but-2 wedding celebrations-over-the-easter-weekend) planning phase  my husband-to-be & me held OUR CEREMONIES and the WORDS WE CHOSE TO SAY as the number one most important part of the entire whirlwind.

We’d had a happy lead up to our wedding, and then suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically Terry’s mother died 3 weeks before the wedding. To say this rocked our worlds is an understatement of epic proportions. We cannot express how loved … Continue Reading

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