My Services Include

  • Meeting/emails/phone calls/skype sessions/smoke signals as required to plan & finalise your ceremony
  • A ceremony that is unique. Planned & written with you so it fits you to a “T”
  • A Rehearsal. IF you require one. (No they are not a necessity, you do not have to rehearse your ceremony)
  • Liasing with other vendors to ensure we’re all on the same wavelength
  • An engaging Ceremony delivered with energy & enthusiasm.

Love is Love is Love

Are you deeply commited to cultivating a life with someone?

Do you want to publicly declare your love & make conscious & meaningful vows to each other?

Yes, I do Commitment Ceremonies-regardless of your gender & sexual orientation.

Aside from the legals, the process is pretty much the same as planning a wedding ceremony. I still get to know you & ask probing questions regarding your relationship & we create a ceremony together that suits you, that befits your love & commitment.

You have the freedom to do WHATEVER you want because there are no laws or rules to follow. When the laws change (and they will) we will have laws to follow, but for now we can create ANY type of ceremony you like!!!

Photo by: Evernew Studio

  • Professional PA system with cordless mic (Yes, you can hook up your ceremony music via your IPOD or phone)
  • Provision & lodging of all legal paperwork
  • Commemorative marriage certificate
  • This full service is priced from $850


We just got engaged, what do we do now ?

So you’ve searched & found your awesome celebrant (me) You will need to lodge the Notice of intended Marriage (NOIM) with me at least one month prior to your wedding date.

This is usually the same time that we’ll start to plan your ceremony- I’ll use this time to get to know you & ask a gazillion questions.

Then you’ll be able to email/phone/fax/telegram/smoke signal me as often as is necessary to continue planning and revising the ceremony (& have the occasional freak-out if you need to).

I will attend a rehearsal if you require one & will arrive at the ceremony location early on the day of the wedding.

I will lodge all legal paperwork & provide you with a keepsake copy of your ceremony.

How do we know you are the right celebrant for us?

We can meet for an informal chat for you to decide if you both like me. Do you feel comfortable with me? Do I “get” you, do I seem genuinely interested in you & your love story? Am I able set the vibe you want for your ceremony? Am I asking you appropriate questions that make you feel that your ceremony is safe in my hands? Am I encouraging & creating the space for you to be authentic ?

Will the Ceremony be uniquely ours?

Yes. We work very closely together to ensure it is YOURS. It will be unique because your relationship is unique. One size definitely does NOT fit all when it comes to cermeony creation. There are certain aspects of the ceremony we have to include to make you legally married-but the rest is yours to do with as you wish. You can be traditional, formal, spiritual, chilled out & easy going, fun, serious, quirky, romantic etc or a mix of all –the choice is yours.

Are we able to include special rituals, poems or blessings in our ceremony ?

ABSOLUTELY! And you are highly encouraged to. It is YOUR ceremony-this is the time to declare your intention for your marriage and to celebrate the continuation of your relationship in it’s new form. There are a myriad of rituals to possibly include-you can incorporate blessings and rituals from any of the great traditions/religions if you like what they represent-ring warming, candle/incense lighting, bell ringing, jumping the broom, hand fastening, bread breaking, sand/water ritual among others….or make your own up.

Think of songs that you love-can you take a verse or chorus as a reading? (I also have a song list for some inspiration should you need it)

I honour all cultural traditions & spiritual (or non) beliefs -your readings and rituals will reflect your beliefs, your love for each other and the special people you’ve chosen to celebrate with.

Are there alternatives to the traditional type ceremony you would suggest?

Make sure the ceremony reflects who you are…your guests don’t want to leave with the feeling that they’ve heard and seen it all before….there should be no question in everyone’s mind who’s ceremony they just witnessed. If you want to jump out of a plane–do it, want us to all sit in the ocean on surfboards? have a desire to cartwheel down the aisle? Wishing you could serenade your bride/groom during the ceremony-do it!

Aside from the legal bits, everything is up to you- tradition does not have to dictate your wedding day.


Carefully consider what you’re choosing to say –you are vowing to treat your future spouse in particular & quite specific ways.
Chances are you’ll break some of those vows a multitude of times (we all do-we’re on a journey with our partners we’re not existing in states of perfection) but this is where you’re expressing your intention for your marriage.

Yes, vows can be fun & funny but don’t take them lightly.


“We love your happy & vibrant attitude & being able to laugh also helped in the lead up. You spoke calmly , clearly & made us feel less nervous.”

Ange & Andrew

“Thank you for your willing heart & for blessing us with your sacred ceremony. It will live in our hearts All-ways.”

Katie & Rob