photo by Andy Gaines Creative

I do a big cheer when I read sentiments like this from this Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride :

“The most important thing to the couple was that they had their wedding for them and that they ignored the things that they were informed they should do because it was a wedding.

“We met with an amount of resistance from people when we told them some of our ideas,” the bride concluded. “Firstly, this was David’s day as much as it was mine. It was OUR wedding, not just my day. We decided that David would walk down the aisle to a song he chose. His groomsman, then his best man, then his parents and then David all walked down the aisle to ‘Change Is Now’ by The Byrds.

It was then my turn. As the Stones ‘She’s a Rainbow’ came on, I walked down with my TWO Dad’s (who high fived each other!) after my bridesmaid, my best friend and my Mum (who was my maid of honour).

I don’t know who makes the so called rules about how things are done, but I wasn’t very interested in abiding by them.”


Remember: IT IS YOUR DAY (yes, be aware of your guests comfort etc….this is not an excuse for you to be self absorbed A-Holes) Don’t listen to the naysayers. Listen to that longing inside you for the courage to express your love & commitment in which ever way you see fit.