Double Happiness Kinder Surprises

These adorable people, AKA My Double Happiness couple lit beautiful Chinese unity candles with their parents during their very personal ceremony at The Broadway Chapel

This is some of what I said:
“Relationships are as unique & quirky as the people in them and for Fook & Loretta, it is no different. Once upon a starry night, a (grown up) boy and a girl were playing merrily at a children’s playground.
The girl had requested some scones with jam and tea, but instead the boy presented the unsuspecting girl with a tiny treasure chest. Curiosity getting the better of her, the girl opened it and inside was a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. After polishing off the chocolate, she opened the “surprise” to find a sparkling diamond ring and the boy down on both his knees.
She barely heard him when he whispered, “Will you marry me?”. Today we are here to celebrate the very obvious answer to that question….. “Yes!”

Do you know how many Kinder Surprises it takes to perfect the art of hiding an engagement ring inconspicuously inside of one? A LOT. It takes A LOT….and you know what it shows? A LOT of devotion to the person you love…..a brilliant way to propose!!!

This is some of what she said to him:
“You are my best friend and my soul mate. Thank you for showing me that there is such a thing as real, unconditional love. I want to make a promise to you today that I will share with you myself, my love, my respect and friendship. I promise to laugh and cry with you, and communicate with an open heart. I promise to grow with you as we continue to travel through life together creating many wonderful and happy memories. I love you.”

This is some of what he said to her:
You are my best friend and my soul mate. I want to make a promise, to you and to myself, in front of our closest family and friends, that I will love you always, I will respect and honour you as the beautiful woman you are, I will support and protect you to the best of my abilities … all of this with an open heart. Let us always be friends, lovers and good companions, and let us build a lifetime of memories, and grow old together. I love you … now and forever.

Here are some of their kind words to me:
Your expertise & suggestions certainly helped us to create a fun, happy personal & meaningful ceremony that everyone enjoyed.
Many of our guests mentioned to us that they really enjoyed the ceremony, as it wasn’t the usual boring run-of-the-mill long winded ceremony. They mentioned that it was very happy, joyful & very “us” which is exactly how we wanted it to feel. Thank you for helping us create such a memorable occasion”

Loretta & Fook, thank you for choosing me to guide you over the threshold of your next adventure. Your love for each other is obvious and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you!

These gorgeous pics by Dremt Photography
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