We got married barefoot on the beach surrounded by a very small group of our closest family & friends.

We asked each guest to bring some words of wisdom to share as part of the ceremony (& we could later take them home & keep them in a special box-more details on that later)

My best friend’s gorgeous & articulate husband joked that he would bring his words of wisdom on a frisbee and we could throw it around after the ceremony. I of course dared him to, not really sure if he’d have the gall to do it. True to his word he did & I am so grateful. We love it. The bright orange is fading in some places & dust has gathered but it still sits on the wall of our home nearly 9 years later.

Here it is…….

“True marriage is like the beach… The waves and the sand each play an important & individual part in the experience , but it is when the two come together & they participate in the ebb & flow of the tide that the experience becomes magical… May your experience always be magical!!”

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