Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride Feature.


Sammy, affectionately dubbed my ‘Rock n Roll Fairy Bride’ said this as part of her feature on  the Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride Blog

“My advice for other couples would be to not be afraid to be a bit flexible with your ideas and concepts”, she concluded. “Take your advice from those in the game and decide early on what aspects are really important and what you are less attached to. I also think it’s important to find the right officiant. Ours just got us straight away and she did a great job in setting the scene for our entire celebration.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

It is so important to choose a Celebrant you feel can set the scene & tone for the remainder of the day.

Have a good think about how you want the ceremony to feel -for you and your guests. A celebrant who can help you carry this vision to fruition is worth their weight in gold.