Half & Half

Anna & Rich had already spent half their lives together by the time I married them at the Fingal Head Lighthouse. In a day  full of symbolism & meaning; their  3 beautiful children (& their beloved pooch) watched their parents struggle to get their words out through their tears. It was a JOY to bear witness to this kind of love.

Anna is, to put it mildy, VERY creative, she crafted this wedding (more on this later) & I arrived at the site to find this backdrop for the ceremony….

She had had made a crane for each month they had been together……after 18 years together, that’s A LOT of cranes & a lot of beauty to be surrounded by.

And paying homage to ‘keepin’ it real’ here’s what they said to each other.

“Rich you inspire me creatively, personally as a partner and mum. I love that we don’t need spoken word. I love that you’re my best friend and
I love you for you even when you shit me to tears.

”Rich: “Anna, I love that you are a beautiful, gentle, nurturing being almost all of the time, I love your creativity and that you officially know everything, and I love your quirky sense of humor. I love you for you even when you shit me to tears!”

Here’s some of what I said…..

“Their journey so far has included many wonderful experiences that has seen them grow in love and in numbers! Producing 3 great, smart and caring children; Rich and Anna feel truly blessed that they can share this experience with them.

Anna & Rich have a wonderful story with Rich knowing as soon as he laid eyes on Anna that they would spend their lives together, they were kindred spirits and soon became more than best friends.”

Some of their kind words to me after the ceremony…..
“Jo you really were the absolute perfect celebrant, thank you so much.”

Every second I spent with this amazing & hilarious couple was a joy, I spent quite a portion of my childhood camping at The Tweed Coast, and the memories that flooded back when I arrived just added to the magical weekend.

Do I need to say again how much I love my job???

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