We are Family

This stunning young couple met and married (6 years later) at Tangalooma Island with their very closest family & friends.
We ALL cried as the Bride walked toward her groom. I do get misty eyed when I see my Brides & Grooms cry in happiness at each other’s beauty, but Kandi was so stunning I actually had to dab the tears away.

They gave their darling daughters bracelets during the ceremony and here’s some of what was said as they did that:

“Mummy & Daddy are giving you this special bracelet to show you how much they love you. It is their promise of commitment to you. They will continue to give you loads of cuddles, kisses and tickles. They will love you with all their hearts and guide you in the best way they know how as you grow up. This bracelet is a reminder of how beautiful you look in your special dresses, how special this day is; when your beautiful family became one.”

Here’s some of what they feel about each other:

“Kandi, Scott has expressed that you’ve taught him not to stress over small things.
He sees what a wonderful mother you are & your example has taught him how to be a great Dad. He feels that he’s living the dream with you, so beautiful & smart by his side.

Scott, Kandice is so grateful that you work hard to provide for her & the girls. She loves that you know how to calm her when she’s stressed & you have taught her, in her own words, not to be so stubborn & dramatic.
She adores & appreciates that you are funny, caring and kind hearted….”

Here’s what they said:
“Thank you again for making our ceremony so perfect!! It was more than what we had dreamed of!!”

Kandi & Scott, I really can’t thank you enough for your generosity of spirit (& Terry is still SO grateful that you insisted we join you for your Wedding Dinner with us even though we were wet & smelling like dolphins)

for more information: Marriage Celebrant Sunshine Coast

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